Discussion Questions

Tagged for Death discussion questions:

1) When Sarah gets divorced and has to move off base, she feels she has been exiled. She’s a stranger finding her way in a strange new land. Some readers find it hard to believe that Sarah stays in Ellington, where she has no family or professional ties. Can a place you come to after childhood just feel “like home”? Have you ever experienced this? Why do you think she stays?

2) Despite CJ’s infidelity and the divorce, Sarah tries to protect CJ from the becoming a murder suspect by hiding evidence. Why do you think she did that? Would you do the same for your husband? For an ex?

3) Sarah has a one night stand in Tagged for Death. It’s so out of character, she can’t forgive herself. Do you forgive her? Should she forgive herself?

4) Do you think CJ has any chance of winning Sarah back? Is infidelity ever forgivable?

5) Sarah gave up on her marriage very quickly. If Sarah were your best friend what would you tell her to do?

6) Are you Team CJ or Team Seth? Why?




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